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Places to See in Bolivia

la paz tourLa Paz

At 3,636m you are likely to feel the effects of the altitude and be a little breathless until you acclimatize. La Paz sits at the bottom of a steep canyon and is surrounded by snow capped mountains. The city has few colonial buildings left so much of the city is modern. Plaza Murillo is the traditional centre and there are many cobbled streets and colourful markets to explore over a couple of days in the city.

lake titicaca tourLake Titicaca

The Lake sits partly in Peru and partly in Bolivia and is actually made up of two lakes; Chucuito with Islas del Sol and de la Luna, and Huiñamarca with many small islands. The Bolivian side of the lake is very pretty and a popular place to visit is Isla del Sol and also Copacabana on the shore, from where many boat trips operate. It is possible to cross between Bolivia and Peru so if you are looking to combine the two countries this is the most logical crossing point.

potosi tourPotosi

Sitting at 3,977m this city was founded in 1545 by the Spaniards. Once the largest city in the Americas (in late 17th Century) it was where immense amounts of silver was extracted. When demand decreased due to silver being found elsewhere, the city began to shrink. Nowadays they mine for tin, zinc and lead. The main attraction in Potosi is to see and experience the mines of Cerro Rico. However, the cramped conditions, warm temperatures and high altitude aren’t for everyone.

sucre tourSucre

Since 1991 the city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tradition has maintained all buildings in the centre of the city to be painted white, hence the name ‘White City’. It is a university city with many museums and great architecture to enjoy and is the constitutional capital of Bolivia.

uyuni salt flatUyuni Salt Flat

The town of Uyuni is close to the famous Salar de Uyuni and from where you can admire salt flats, volcanoes and lakes. It truly is a unique area and worth the long journeys. Salar de Uyuni is the largest and highest salt flat lake in the world. The lakes (Colorado and Verde) are multicoloured and surrounded by volcanoes which make great photographs. Accommodation in this part of the country are basic due to the remote location. It is possible to cross into Chile from this part of Bolivia, to reach the Atacama Desert.