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Antarctica Regional Information

Antarctica is home to exotic wildlife, incredible landscapes of ice and fierce weather. It is a continent that sits at the "End of the World" and whose remoteness alone attracts the more adventurous visitor. It can take a couple of days crossing the Drakes Passage to reach the Peninsula, and although some people suffer with sea sickness during these days, all is forgotten upon arrival at the clam waters!
A major highlight here is the penguins - colonies of several hundred thousand can be found nesting and chattering away throughout the area. Humpback, orca and minke whales are often spotted nosing out of the frigid water, as are elephant, Weddel, leopard and crabeater seals.
Cruise boats sail through narrow channels and most guests like to be up on deck or at least on the Bridge as much as possible, making the most of the beautiful scenery.

We also have itineraries that include active excursions such as kayaking, hiking, snow shoeing and diving. There are also some specialist itineraries that include the Emperor Penguin.

When choosing your vessel, the most common factors it will boil down to are your travel time frame and boat availability. With such an important trip it is best to plan as far ahead as possible, to ensure you get the vessel and itinerary most suitable for you.